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If your Company is interested in the sale, advertise and promotion of its events in the HISPANIC GLOBAL MARKET .... we are the proper tool.

“Our goal is to provide operative integrated solutions to food trade fair
organizers in the world”

We have been in the business of the Food Trade Fairs around the world for 20 years.

    Sales benefits

  • Sales closing: we have a spanish, english, Italian and French speaking Sales Force profesionally trained to perform this special and particular function.
  • Permanent ONE TO ONE follow up of the prospects.
  • We provide frecuently reports on the prospects and the development of the sales.
  • Immediate report of the sales.
  • Through our website and the marketing campaigns we get exhibitors interested in your show.
  • Offices in Switzerland for the European market.
  • Offices in Argentina for the market of South America, Central America and North America.

        Advertising benefits

  • Position in the only web page in Spanish Language in the www specialized in fairs and events belonging to the Agricultural, Acquacultural, Food & Beverage industry and related services:
  • Your event can be positioned as a “Star Show”, providing:
    • Access to more on line information of your event
    • Updated notice board on line
    • Additional info, updated news
    • A web page of your show listed in to which anyone can go straight to, even without browsing our web site
      it can also be in your web page as a link in Spanish for complete information of your event
  • Access to tens of thousands Spanish and Portugues speaking monthly visitors
  • Advertise the show in our Home Page with your banner
  • Ensure appropiated media coverage of the show in the countries where we act as exclusive agents.

        Promotional benefits

  • To introduce your Show to our extense database, via newsletters
  • To reinforce it sending, in Spanish, the brochures which the organizer provides to the prospects
  • To research, analyze and communicate (in Spanish) to our database of prospects the macroeconomic information (GDP, GDP per capita, monetary stability, projections) of the influence countries of the show as well as the last imports data and its probable projections sector by sector of products
  • To research, analyze and communicate (in Spanish), sector by sector, the main present supplier countries data and the principal characteristics of wholesale and retail distribution of the countries or areas of the show.
  • To perform a ONE TO ONE marketing campaign. To accomplish this task, we have a trained and effective Sales Force.
  • To meet individual and collectively with the exhibitors, chambers and public organisms of the countries where we act as exclusive agents in order to sell booth spaces and attract qualified visitors and buyers, emphasizing the importance of the show by pointing out its characteristics:
    • Parallel shows and events
    • Show level of importance
    • Area (gross and net)
    • Visitors level of importance (by quality and quantity)
    • Exhibitors level of importance (total and by sector)
    • All the statistics of the last show
    • Show organizer: its trajectory and comments about the other shows developed by the organizer
    • Private and public show sponsors.
    • How to get to the show
    • Shedule of the show
  • Immediately after the show starts the pre-sale of the next show, informing (in Spanish) our database all the post show facts (statistics, number of exhibitors by sector, net area occupied, professional and non professional visitors) and communicate (in Spanish) summaries of the presentations realized in the show

    If you consider that these benefits match with your needs, please contact us


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